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Maggie Moon is a nutrition communications expert who works exclusively for good causes and with great partners.

She actively writes for and speaks to diverse audiences within her areas of expertise, which include brain health, culinary nutrition, plant-based nutrition, general nutrition, and Korean food. She is comfortable in front of a camera or a full room. 

Her partners include global consumer health brands, commodity boards, government institutions, Ivy League universities, educational publishers, and innovative start-ups in the health & wellness space.

If you share a mission for wellness and would like to start a conversation about how to work together, please get in touch. She’d love to hear from you.


Not every business is ready to hire full-time in-house nutrition communications experts. Don’t sacrifice on quality, instead leverage my 10+ years working with global leaders in the better-for-you CPG world.

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Media RD Relations

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Nutrition Communications

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Recipe Development

As a culinary school-trained dietitian, I specialize in culinary nutrition. That means recipes will be as appetizing as they are nourishing.

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Food Photography

With professional camera and lighting studio equipment, I do photography, editing and post production of food photos. 


A published author of multiple best-selling books, the writer of countless magazine articles – I write.

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Expert Review

Feedback is a gift

Work with an expert to audit your materials (e.g. websites, recipes, articles, books) for cultural sensitivity, weight neutrality, and state of the art nutrition discourse.

Culinary nutrition review is also available to provide reformulation guidance that won’t sacrifice on taste or health.

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Learn to Live a Lifestyle for Brain Health.


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Beat fatigue, naturally.


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